Feb 182015

While road tripping in Oman, my friend Dan convinced me to finally join Tinder (aside: I’ve never joined any online dating sites, probably for the reasons mentioned in this great article from the editor of Modern Love). At the very least, I thought it might be a good way to meet people while traveling.

Turns out Erbil, Iraq, is not the global Tinder hotspot you might have expected. But after swiping right a few times my first afternoon here, I made my first Tinder match, a woman named Are. With her blond braided hair in her profile picture, I figured she was a Scandinavian expat.

We exchanged a few messages, and I thought we were heading for a meetup. That was until I mentioned I was American, and the conversation stopped. For two days. Then I tried messaging again.

Well, there goes my future security clearance

Well, there goes my future security clearance

Cool, thanks Dan. But I guess it’s like my dad always said: better the Islamic Republic than the Islamic State.

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